Meet Your Hudson and Chagrin Falls Personal Trainers at OPT!

TJ Wright

TJ Wright, General Manager

With more than 14 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, TJ loves to help others reach their fitness goals and find joy in living a healthy lifestyle. When TJ isn’t at the gym helping his clients or working on his own fitness, he can often be found hiking, kayaking, or otherwise enjoying nature.

Jennifer T.

Jennifer T., Chagrin Falls Manager

Jennifer has been in the health and wellness industry for more than 16 years. With a passion for the preventive side of healthcare, Jennifer cares deeply about helping people maintain a high quality of life with exercise and nutrition. When she’s not working with clients or keeping the Chagrin Falls gym on point, Jennifer enjoys strength training, yoga, and running.

Cory J.

Cory J., Certified Personal Trainer

Cory has been involved in fitness for more than 10 years and with Fitness Together/Ohio Personal Trainers for more than two years. He even has a fancy Bachelor of Physical Education and Exercise Science from Walsh University. Two of Cory’s biggest passions are living a healthy lifestyle and helping others do the same, and he loves that his job allows him to do both.

Chad E.

Chad E., Certified Personal Trainer

Chad is a lifer at Ohio Personal Trainers. After graduating from the National Personal Training Institute in 2011, Chad came to work for OPT when we were still with Fitness Together and has been here ever since. Chad has a ton of experience working with clients on a 1-to-1 basis. His mission is to help people reach their fitness goals and become the best versions of themselves. When he’s not working with clients or training in the gym, Chad is a family guy and loves spending time with his wife and two children.

Brittany Valentine

Brittany V., Certified Personal Trainer

As a competitive athlete in high school and college, Brittany has been involved in health and wellness for most of her life (she even got to play soccer in Sweden!). Currently studying to be a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Brittany takes a highly personalized approach to health and fitness. In her words, we are all unique bio-individuals and no diet or training program is a one-size-fits-all. When she’s not working or studying, Brittany loves participating in races, including half- and full-marathons, as well as learning new techniques she can use to help her clients reach their goals.

Andre S

Andre S., Certified Personal Trainer / Sports Performance Coach

Andre has more than eight years of experience in the fitness industry. While he specializes in training athletes at every level, Andre also enjoys working with anyone who has an interest in fitness. Whether clients are seasoned athletes, new to working out, or even suffering from previous injuries, Andre puts his expertise in biomechanics and human movement into building individualized strength training programs based on orthopedic assessments. His goal is to help people reach their health goals and sustain them by providing guidance and education.

Deb K.

Deb K., Certified Personal Trainer

Involved in sports since childhood, Deb developed a deep passion for fitness and health at an early age. She loves the effect that fitness has on her physical and mental well-being, and she wants to share that with as many people as she can. Deb believes in approaching every client with a focus on their individual needs. Her workout programs are all tailored to accommodate differences in lifestyle and ability. Motivated by the positive impact that fitness can have on the lives of her clients, Deb’s mission is to help people reach their fitness goals and adopt healthier lifestyles that will last a lifetime.

Dan W.

Dan H., Certified Personal Trainer

A more recent addition to the OPT family, Dan has been here since 2021 but he’s been involved in fitness and personal training for much longer. Dedicated to learning as much about health and wellness as possible, Dan is a CSCS-certified personal trainer with a Bachelor of Exercise Science in Strength and Conditioning Coaching. He is also currently pursuing a Master of Science in Nutrition and Human Performance. Dan is passionate about helping people reach their fitness goals and attain a higher quality of life.

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