So, you’ve decided to look for a Cleveland personal trainer.

You pull out your smartphone or laptop to do a Google search.

And somewhere between hitting enter and watching Google bring up the first of over 6 million results (seriously?!), a thought hits you.

What exactly should you be looking for?

Let’s face it. The fitness industry is and always has been a lucrative one. It’s also one with a relatively low barrier of entry. So while there are plenty of fantastic personal trainers in Cleveland, there will also be a lot of mixed messaging and loud voices without the experience to back it up.

In short, finding the right personal trainer for you is like everything else in fitness: a challenge.

But hey, that’s why we’re here to help you out! Without further delay, here are the top five things you should look for in your Cleveland personal trainer.

1: Certification, Certification, Certification… and Experience

One of the first things people instinctively look for when vetting personal trainers is whether or not they have a certification. This is a great place to start! It can also be confusing.

Education in the fitness and wellness industry is not officially standardized and there are a ton of options out there, good and bad.

In general, you want to look for trainers with NCAA-recognized certifications. The National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCAA) is the closest thing we have to a standard educational board within the personal training world. If you can find your trainer’s certification on their list, that’s a great sign.

But certifications aren’t everything. You also want someone who has plenty of experience in the fitness industry, either through their own training or through training others (you can check out our trainers’ experience here!).

These people will have the working knowledge and intuition required to help you meet your goals in a safe and effective way.

2: A Personalized Approach

Second, we highly recommend looking for a Cleveland personal trainer that offers tailored training services (and not just because that’s what we do at OPT).

Think about it.

Fitness is not a one size fits all deal. If your personal trainer is handing you the same workout plan that they use for Mr. Universe pressing 400s on the bench over there, it’s likely that they’re not taking your goals, capabilities, or safety seriously.

Your Cleveland personal trainer should work closely with you to figure out the exercises, plans, and methods that are going to help you reach your goals and avoid injury. They should not be recycling the same five plans over and over.

3: Compatibility with Your Cleveland Personal Trainer

This might seem a little obvious, but you definitely need to have a connection with your Cleveland personal trainer.

Your personal trainer is more than just your workout guide… they should also be your best motivator and accountability buddy.

You should feel comfortable talking to them, giving feedback, asking questions, and requesting that changes be made if you feel something isn’t working for you.

On top of that, you should look forward to seeing your personal trainer for every session. If you don’t, the struggle to get to the gym is going to be that much harder. The right personal trainer will make fitness fun and engaging.

4: Clear Communication and No Confusion

We admit it. As personal trainers, we can sometimes have a language of our own. It’s an occupational hazard.

When you’re downing protein and inhaling the sweet aroma of other people’s sweat on a regular basis, it feels natural to rattle off something about Chuck McGym-Bro getting a serious pump after his curls the other day.

We apologize in advance.

That being said, your Cleveland personal trainer should be able to communicate all things fitness in a clear and concise way (you know, like a normal human being).

They should be aware of industry terms and concepts that most people are probably not familiar with, and be ready and willing to explain things as needed.

5: Flexibility and Support

Finally, our last tip when looking for a Cleveland personal trainer is to find someone who prioritizes flexibility and support.

Most of us lead crazy busy lives, and one of the main reasons people don’t work out is that they can’t find the time.

That’s why finding a personal trainer who is flexible and can adapt to your availability is crucial.

Along those same lines, find a personal trainer that fully embodies the supportive fitness buddy role. The best personal trainers are not just the motivators and support systems for their clients… they’re also willing to go the extra mile to help you get where you want to be.

We Could Be the Cleveland Personal Trainers You’re Looking For

(Yes, that’s a mangled Star Wars reference. Fitness people can be geeks, too!)

Anyway, we don’t make this claim lightly.

At Ohio Personal Trainers, we strive every day to be the best of the best. Each of our certified trainers has an extensive background in fitness and a serious passion for helping others reach their own wellness goals.

We believe that a personalized approach is the best approach. You’ll never find us recycling old fitness plans. Instead, we start from ground zero with every client to build up an effective and manageable routine that will work for you.

On top of that, we offer:

  • Access to private training suites for a stress-free, audience-free workout environment.
  • Expert guidance on improving cardio or tackling strength training.
  • The sense of community that comes when you choose a locally-owned gym.

So if you’re in the Chagrin Falls or Hudson, Ohio area, get in touch with us today or visit one of our locations to check out our facilities!