It’s a seasonal blog about a pre-summer workout plan. Do you know what that means? We have to say it.

It’s that time of year again when…

Just kidding. But really, it IS that time of year again (funny how that keeps happening).

The weather is warming up and a lot of us are probably wishing we’d stuck to our New Year’s resolutions a little better. Don’t worry! We’re not here to shame. Making any kind of lasting change is hard, especially when it comes to fitness and health.

Luckily, there is no one time of the year to get back on track (or to get started in the first place). Mid-May is as good a time as any to dust off those workout clothes, check your training shoes for cobwebs, and get your body moving. But if you want to shoot for building healthy habits that stick this time around, you need a solid foundation.

That’s why we put together these tips for creating a pre-summer workout plan that will actually help you reach your goals. (Hint: It’s not all about working out and it actually has nothing to do with summer. The timing just worked out on this one.)

Tip 1: Adopt a Positive Mindset and Set Realistic Goals

While there is nothing wrong with working out to look and feel better, remember that physical change takes time. No matter what exercise you do or how painstakingly you count those calories, you may not be able to see the results of your hard work for a few months.

Because of this, it’s important to set more realistic short-term goals to keep you in a more positive mindset.

For example:

  • If you have trouble with consistency, set a goal to work out 2x a week for a set period of time (say, 3 months). Once you’re good with that, add another day.
  • Try to incorporate at least one active rest day per week into your routine. Go for a walk, try out yoga, or just set aside 20 minutes for a good stretch session.
  • Complete a mini-challenge! There are a ton online and the community interaction you get from these can help you stay motivated and excited.

Whatever your goals are, just make sure they align with your deeper reasons for working out.

Do you want better mobility? Improved cardiovascular health? A stronger body and healthier mind?

There is no right or wrong here and, funny enough, creating a healthier lifestyle isn’t a race. Do what works for you right now and build on it as you go.

Tip #2: Up Your Water and Protein Intake… But Don’t Abandon Carbs and Fats

Most of us know to increase water intake in the summer months but a lot of us overlook the importance of a holistically healthy diet.

Protein is the obsession of all the fitness-obsessed for good reason: it’s essential for repairing and building muscle.

But remember that carbs and fats are equally important. Unless you have a health-related reason for going low carb, keeping healthy, complex carbs in your diet is what will fuel your workout. Think whole grains, veggies, and legumes.

At the same time, healthy fats (like vegetable-based oils, nuts, fish, and avocados) are what make the world go round. Not really. But they do lower your risk of disease and help protect your organs.

Remember tip #1, though: make small changes that work for you.

Tip #3: Find Forms of Exercise That You Enjoy

Finally, we get to exercise! But there’s a good reason for that.

In our experience, a lot of people fail to stick to their fitness goals because they start without having first built a solid foundation for health (i.e. a positive mindset and a clean diet).

That’s why exercise is the last item on our list.

It’s also a big sticking point for a lot of people. Many of us are still under the misconception that there are only a few ways to work out.

The truth is that there are dozens! Even within the realms of strength training and cardio, you can experiment with calisthenics, resistance band work, kettlebells, free weights, machines, cardio-kickboxing, HIIT, endurance training, and the list goes on.

When it comes to exercise, you have to find the kind that you enjoy. This is non-negotiable. You’ll quit if you don’t like it (or can’t learn to like it) and we don’t blame you.

So be creative, embrace adventure, and get out there and try something new.

Work With a Personal Trainer to Build the Pre-Summer Workout Plan That’s Right For You

This isn’t just a shameless self-promotion. Working with a personal trainer is actually one of the best pieces of advice out there.

Not only can they tailor a fitness program that will fit your goals and lifestyle, but they can help you work through roadblocks, get past misconceptions, and embrace a healthier mindset that’s more focused on making progress rather than hitting some crazy milestone.

Not that there’s anything wrong with crazy. You shoot for that dream.

But in the meantime, our certified trainers at Ohio Personal Trainers are ready to help you reach your fitness goals and maintain a healthier lifestyle with:

  • 1-on-1 personal training and workout programs tailored specifically for you.
  • Private training suites for a stress-free, audience-free workout environment.
  • Expert guidance in cardio and strength training.

So if you’re in the Chagrin Falls or Hudson, Ohio area, get in touch with us today or visit one of our locations to check out our facilities!