Building strength is important for golfers — see how the right training could add up to 6 mph to your golf swing.

As golf continues to attract high school and college participants, middle-aged players, and senior citizens across Hudson and Chagrin, there are a few things you can do and learn — no matter your experience — to level up your game. Working on your distance can completely change your game in as little as a few months. Adding speed and strength can give you a distinct advantage in golf, allowing you to hit the ball farther and shave additional strokes off your game. Achieving more distance with every club may feel like rocket science, but you can see real improvements in a matter of weeks with a golf swing speed trainer and a personalized plan.

Whenever you are focused on increasing distance, professionals at GolfDigest agree that the focus should stay on ball speed instead of accuracy. Making practice swings at max speed — without a ball — is one of the best ways to achieve your swing speed potential. Eventually, you will learn how to control your newfound energy, optimize for a higher launch and low spin, and adapt your swing to it.

Swinging faster means more distance with every club. With continuous training, you have the ability to unlock your potential. To hit your drives farther, start with a custom personal training program.

Does Getting Stronger Increase Swing Speed?

One common question we get is: if golf clubs are relatively light, how is strength training going to help me swing them faster? The simple answer is that proper strength training unlocks the potential to create speed and power. It is estimated that for every one mph increase, an extra 3 yards are added. A golf swing speed trainer can help you produce high levels of force to be used in a small time frame. If your strength levels are low, you have set a low bar for building up force.

Strength training is great in preparation for when you have the ability to benefit from the swing mechanics. The right training will greatly improve posture, decrease the risk of injury, and result in greater stamina. Ready to work on increasing your swing speed? Build up your explosive power with the right training drills.

Why is My Current Swing Speed So Slow?

For male golfers, a swing that is between 75 and 90 mph is considered slow. The main reason? Improper form and a slow backswing. To improve your form, be sure to grip your hands tightly and hold them high above your head. Higher hands will allow you to create more power and speed through impact. When trying to make a faster backswing, most fail to maintain their speed through the top. Keeping a slight bend in the lead arm and loosening up the hips will result in a faster backswing — and lead to more distance. Be sure to loosen up your muscles and allow them to fire on the downswing when you need them the most.

What are you doing to add speed to your game? Level up your training with a personalized plan today.

Achieve Your Performance Goals with a Gold Swing Speed Trainer

Although you might not see it, almost every professional golfer takes time to warm up their body before they compete. The right warm-up primes the body to swing at higher speeds — all while reducing the likelihood of an injury. An effective warm-up will get your body ready to move by improving hip mobility, increasing your flexibility, or simply getting your heart rate up. You’ll see noticeable improvements in your swing action and efficiency.

A golf swing speed trainer can help you improve your swing action and maximize speed gains. At Ohio Personal TRainers locations in Hudson and Chagrin, your speed training program will be completely laid out, with training and rest days. With a little bit of effort and consistent training, it is reasonable to pick about 30 yards in a little over a month. Ready to drive the ball farther than you ever have before? Build lifelong habits that will continue to set your game apart with consistent training.

Golf Injury Prevention and Recovery

As with any other sport, injuries are not uncommon. No matter the age or expertise, no player should start a game without stretches that prevent injury and build some mobility. With its repetitive motions, mobility is especially crucial in golf. Your warm-ups and training should include wrist mobility in particular, not only to prevent injuries but also to strengthen the muscles responsible for a tighter grip and creating speed. A great way to start is by making small circles with your wrist.

Whether you are recovering from a recent injury or looking to prevent a new one, degree-holding trainers at Ohio Personal Trainers maintain a safe environment that encourages rehabilitation and ingrain the best fitness practices for injury prevention. No matter your history, they will provide a tailored fitness solution to warm up your muscles and prevent strains in key areas like the elbow.

Local and Fully Qualified Golf Swing Speed Trainer

Whether you are a beginner or an elite player, from one of our local high schools or from one of the numerous golf courses, a golf swing speed trainer can customize a program according to your experience level, challenges, and goals. Our coaches take a holistic approach to supporting players of all ages and experience levels.

At Ohio Personal Trainers, our trainers focus on everything from strength training to cardio, nutrition, and personal training and build a completely tailored program for each client. Not only can adding speed and distance completely change your game — it’ll make it more fun too! The positive impact of personal training multiplies with every session as long-term gains continue to grow. Start your journey today.