One of the fastest growing sports in America, pickleball is a social and low-impact game fun for every age and every member of the family. Hudson can’t wait to welcome 5 new Tennis and 12 new Pickleball court locations at Barlow Farm Park this fall amidst the sport’s rising popularity throughout the coronavirus pandemic. If you’re unfamiliar, pickleball can be described as a combination of tennis, ping-pong, and badminton. At Ohio Personal TRainers, our coaches and clients alike are fully engaged in pickleball training to prepare for Hudson’s most recent development:

“I am excited that Hudson is now building 12 new pickleball courts, since it has become my favorite sport! I have been going to Ohio Personal Trainers to keep me in better shape and to even improve my game. Pickleball is an active sport, and my fitness level determines my success, so I have found that working with my trainer at Ohio Personal Trainers helps me be able to enjoy my sport to the maximum!” — Pete LeVan

As pickleball continues to attract younger participants, middle-aged players, and senior citizens and becomes more than a favorite pandemic pastime, there are a few things you need to know to get into the game.

Tennis vs Pickleball

While pickleball shares many similarities with tennis, and many other net sports, there are a few key differences. Unlike other games, pickleball has simple rules. In pickleball, the ball must bounce once on each side before passes are allowed. Rather than a typical racket and ball, pickleball utilizes unique equipment — including a longer paddle and a wiffle ball. Nets and court sizes are smaller than their tennis counterparts and use specific pickleball lines. While a doubles game is most common, singles are also an option.

If you have played badminton, tennis, ping-pong, or racquetball, you should have no problem picking up pickleball. Not only is it a great social activity, many play this for physical exercise. Whether you are recovering or preventing an injury, or looking to elevate your game, you too may benefit from some additional pickleball training to reach your next goal.

Pickleball Injury Prevention and Recovery

Although pickleball is known as a highly social and low-impact sport, as with tennis and any other sport, injuries are not uncommon. With its sudden stops, starts, leaps, and occasional slips, mobility is crucial in pickleball. Be sure to prevent injury by warming up your body, jogging a lap, and moving through a few drills to prevent sore hips, pickleball elbow, knee sprains, and Achilles strains. No matter the age or expertise, no player should start a game without stretches that prevent injury and help create some mobility.

Whether you are recovering from a pickleball injury or are looking for certified advice to improve your performance, our fully certified, degree-holding trainers at Ohio Personal Trainers maintain a safe environment that encourages rehabilitation and ingrain the best fitness practices for injury prevention. For pickleball training that prioritizes safety — and measurable athletic benefits — find a routine that works best for you.

Level Up Your Game — and Experience Long-Term Gains

If you are a seasoned pickleball player and ready to see how far you can go, it might be time to hop on a pickleball training program tailored to your goals, experience level, and lifestyle. At Ohio Personal Trainers, our trainers focus on everything from strength training to cardio, nutrition, and personal training to build a completely tailored program for each client. The positive impact of personal training multiplies with every session as long-term gains in speed, endurance, muscle recovery, and heart function are fully realized.

While we don’t have our own pickleball courts on site, our expert trainers will help you achieve your performance goals, protect you with tips and routines focused on injury prevention, tweak your technique, and build lifelong habits that will continue to set your game apart. Set yourself for success once Hudson’s pickleball courts open up with effective and efficient pickleball training completely customized for you.

Pave the Way to Success with Certified Pickleball Training

Whether you are a beginner or an elite player, there is no shortage of information available to improve. A good training program will account for you as an individual — and provide the right advice when you need it to help you sustainably achieve your long-term goals.

While pickleball is for everyone, without professional support both youth and senior players are at risk of overtraining, training with improper form, and ultimately another injury. At Ohio Personal Trainers, our coaches take a holistic approach to supporting players of all ages and experience levels. Whether players are from one of our local high schools or from one of the numerous retirement communities in Hudson including Hudson Grande, Danbury, Hudson Meadows, or Laurel Lake, our pickleball training program remains fully customizable according to your experience level, challenges, and goals.

Ohio Personal Trainers — coaches and clients alike — is excited to welcome the new tennis and pickleball courts this fall. Whether you are focused on preventing injuries or enhancing performance, be fully prepared to welcome Hudson’s latest addition with certified coaching support as needed.