Your body doesn’t feel the same — and it’s not all in your head. As we get older, there are real changes in our bodies that can lead to middle age weight gain and redistribution, particularly around the midsection, even if you have never carried weight there before. You may find that your energy levels in your 50s are simply not what they used to be.

As you progress in life, your muscles, hormones, and other body systems are in a state of flux. The amount of muscle you have starts to decline, also known as sarcopenia, and you may find yourself managing new health conditions, like arthritis, and recovering from injury and surgery longer than you are used to. Whether it be a change in lifestyle, diet, exercise levels, hormones, or a new medical condition, there are many reasons why you may feel a difference.

The good news is that you can actively slow down the rate of muscle loss and overcome middle age weight gain by focusing on nutrition, exercise, weight lifting, and resistance exercises. Whether you are looking to prevent middle age weight gain or overcome it, there are a few reasons why investing in private personal training can be well worth your time.

Is It Worth Investing in Private Personal Training?

Mixing up your exercise routine is the key to managing middle age weight gain. What you’ve always done to stay fit may not be enough to keep off the weight. As your body changes, your habits and approach to health might need to change as well.

If your career and family life are in full swing, you likely have so much on your plate that there is hardly any time to cook healthy food, let alone move more. From sitting at your desk for over eight hours to enduring a long commute, it can be hard to maintain healthy habits that keep your heart rate up — like jogging, biking, and walking — especially in the cold winter months.

Strength training two to four times a week helps maintain muscle mass and your metabolism, and helps you burn fat. Building a safe program that keeps you injury free while promoting progress is made simpler with private personal training. Whether you want to address weight-related issues, or have other goals in mind like improving your golf or pickleball game, our trainers at Ohio Personal Trainers are here to help.

A Better Diet for Middle Age Weight Gain Prevention

As you get older, and as you gain weight, your body starts to ignore insulin — a hormone responsible for regulating blood sugar levels. Your blood sugar climbs higher, and you may experience a sugar overload, resulting in more and more cravings. Any excess weight you gain only increases your risk of developing threatening conditions like heart disease.

As your life gets busier, you may be tempted to turn to high-calorie, high-sugar, and high-sodium fast food meals throughout the week. Having a personal nutritionist on your side can help recommend realistic food solutions that make your fitness goals achievable. From eating adequate amounts of protein to fresh fruits and vegetables, and healthy carbohydrates, learn how to stay on track with your fitness goals with expert nutrition advice.

Why is it So Hard to Lose Weight After 50?

Weight control is extremely complex, and obesity can be caused by many different factors. While nutrition and diet always remain important, it is not the whole story for weight control as you age. If you’ve cut back on workouts, and training less with lower intensity, you might be tipping the scales against you.

There are many factors that contribute to middle age weight gain — from your lifestyle to the level of stress you need to manage, your responsibilities, mental health, sleep cycles, injuries, medical limitations, genetics, medications, muscle loss, hormones, unhealthy food environments, and gut health.

No matter the root cause, it’s important to remember that you are not alone — and there are still many things you can do to make a positive change. While there may be a lot of trainers offering advice, it is important to stick to certified, degree-holding trainers who are qualified to help.

How to Speed Up Your Metabolism After 50

If you are looking for a new tea or supplement to boost your metabolism, you may be surprised to learn that our metabolism is hard to budge and there’s actually not a lot we can do to change the energy burned per day.

Rather than caffeine or green tea, if you are looking to boost metabolism, your best opportunity is through resistance training that increases muscle mass. Unlike when you were in your 20s, you need to stay on track more than ever to achieve your goals to increase muscle mass and win against weight gain.

Losing Weight After 50 — Success Stories

“Cory, Sabrina, and Daniel motivated and encouraged me to improve each session. They helped me to reach new fitness goals at 50! I feel back on the road to an active lifestyle and look forward to each session.” — Madhu Sharma

Read more about the success stories at our Chagrin Falls and Hudson locations.

How to Find a Personal Trainer in Your Area

Sometimes tackling changes like middle age weight gain isn’t about doubling down with the same routine, but finding a new one that works for you. Whether you are a beginner or looking to get back into fitness, private personal training can customize a program according to your experience level, challenges, and goals.

At Ohio Personal Trainers, our trainers focus on everything from strength training to cardio, nutrition, and personal training and build a completely tailored program for each client. Learn more about building better habits and jump into a healthier lifestyle with one of our coaches today.